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Welcome to the home of Mary D Curd, writer of the Victorian saga and Historical Mysteries. I write short stories, novellas and novels and writing has been important to me in one form or another for most of my life. So far I have published 5 novels in electronic and paperback format as part of a Victorian saga and the new Historical Mysteries.

I hope you enjoy this website – Mary D Curd.

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2nd in the Historical Mysteries series

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Why is Kate so disturbed by the emotions aroused by a gown in the costume collection she models, during blistering August heat, at the French Château? What causes the events that follow? Who was the Spanish bride brought to the Château in the 1920s?

Echoes of rivalries, envy and deceit from those times surface again in the present, leading to disaster in this time-split novel. Is Kate, the outsider, finally due for a reversal of fortune, or is it all down to fate?



1st in a new series of Historical Mysteries

to nail a witch coverTo Nail a Witch

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Who exactly lies in the 12th century grave? Why does it also contain the skeleton of a cat? During the archaeological dig of the nuns’ cemetery in the ruins of a Priory, Claire and her student Joseph uncover the grave of a suspected witch.

While the project is delayed, various troubling accidents convince Joseph that evil has been released in the uncovering of the bones. Claire, too, is swept up by strange experiences in the village church.

This split-time novel, a historical mystery, moves between events at the Cistercian Priory of nuns in the 12th century, and the contemporary period. As Claire is helped by the village archivist, she begins to unravel aspects of local witchcraft and to assign names, but has she solved the mystery of the identity of the 12th century woman who was so feared?


The Victorian Saga

Book no: 3 Dark Clouds Breaking 

dark clouds coverDark Clouds Breaking

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Rose’s joy in motherhood is swiftly blighted, though she had longed for children. She takes accidental refuge in the drug Laudanum with increasingly unsettling results. Her husband Thomas avoids the nursery and secretly believes he is being punished for a former affair. In London for the season, he takes Rose to a special performance of ‘La Traviata’. This ends in a disastrous quarrel and a separation in all but name.

Thomas escapes to Paris and gains distraction in his enthusiasm for the operation of the magnificent fountains at the Palace of Versailles. Rose, left at home in the Manor House, turns to the tutor she employs to give her fresh hope, and perhaps more. Everything unravels, however when she finds the unseen drawer in Thomas’s desk.

Marriage vows are for life, aren’t they? A falling away of their financial fortunes and a catastrophic event at home, challenge the courage and resourcefulness of both Thomas and Rose, leading them towards an uncertain future with their children.

This is the third novel set in London and Derbyshire in the mid-Victorian era. It spans a further period in the entangled lives of Rose and Thomas Wright with their children, servants, relatives and dependants.

Book no: 2 The Manor House

The Manor House

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In this sequel to ‘Broken Blood Ties’, Rose is desperate to have a child. Having miscarried during the couple’s travels in Europe, she has to recover her strength and health and come to terms with conflict and frustration in her relationships.

Of course, her husband, Thomas, is now a rich man and determined to develop his house and estate in the Derbyshire countryside. Above all, he embraces all the science and technology of the Age. But he has unorthodox views and a secret which could destroy his marriage. Privacy does not exist in their households.

Thomas and Rose are inextricably linked to their milieu of servants and relations both in London and Derbyshire. For those dependent on them, such as Lucy, the young daughter of a lady’s maid, there is a price to pay. It embroils both Thomas and Rose in the criminality, imprisonment, and sorrow of domestic servants with their own lives ‘below stairs.

Book no: 1 Broken Blood Ties

Broken Blood Ties

Available on Amazon £6.99

Available on Kindle £2.99

Can a dream be prophetic, or is it all delusion?

Thomas Wright, a Victorian gentleman, has faith in the progress of science. He is trying to obtain an apprenticeship to become a surgeon. Yet after the events of one stormy November night, Thomas flees to the Continent and abandons his fiancée, Rose.

After a painful separation, in which Thomas wanders around France and Italy, he returns to his home in London and is reunited with a generous and forgiving Rose.

But that is only the start of the mystery and adventures that follow under the watchful eye of Rose’s intelligent and formidable Aunt Frobisher. Forced to take up isolated residence in rural Derbyshire, they are threatened by a violent and villainous enemy.  A magnificent